Thursday, August 27, 2009

second post of the day! (embarassing moment)

disclaimer : its just for fun.. dun la laugh too much.. its embarassing but i had a great laugh when that happened..

and so..

finished class at 11 today.. kinda relaxed.. no 3 hours of physics practical due to fasting month..

straight to the point la..

that evening.. made an appointment with ejam, pia, wan and her roomate to go to the bazaar.. i kinda enjoy going to these kind of places.. cuz its only in one particular month of the year where this will happen..

so 4.45 pm.. called all of them to confirm again cuz the sky look kinda dark.. but it seems that their perseverance to go is just to strong they still wanna go.. i also follow only la.. cuz the food in my college sucks.. haha.. no offence.. i just have to repeat it... sucks! ok ok enough..

walked from 12th college to the university station.. ejam's slippers was spoilt big time cuz he kicked something which i have no idea what it is.. stone la i dun expect things to go on really nice la man when u kicking some hard stuff with a 2 bucks slippers..haha..

so as we arrived there.. it happened.. yup.. that rain.. lol.. the rain was really weird man.. it was really heavy.. and the rain is falling at.. i dunno 60 degrees angle?? haha some people could fly i guess if they are small enough and their umbrella is big enough.. haha.. got really wet.. and i was wearing white!!! crap and that shirt.. is not that thick.. argh!! but we got no more time to eat on time for break fast if we dun get our food that time.. so we still buy our food..

practically.. all of us got seriously wet.. what to do.. so we went back to college by rapid kl bus..

anyways its not that i wore white shirt and i got wet was embarassing..

it was that moment... as i was on my way to the cafe to buy some drinks.. entered the college.. through the girls block, then before reaching the cafe.. there's this path where it was kinda sloppy.. it was my routine ; after class back to college, from atm machine, or whatever.. as long as i passed that path.. definitely i would slide myself there.. its fun.. hehe.. but being stupid (have to admit this time) it was so obvious the floor was freakishly slippery with all the sands brought in by the heavy rain.. i slided.. as usual.. to know that one second of sliding really changed my life..

i lost my balance...

*but din fall down..hahaha

*but then.. my food almost got spilled..

*trying to save the food, i lost my balance back..

*being unable to regain my balance..

*i fell on both my knees..

*embarassing enough..

*it seems that there's no friction between my left knee and the floor..

*so again..

*having no control of my left knee.. it slids inside and i fell towards my left side..

*and i thought that was the end

*that very moment..

*i was just halfway pass that path..

*and so i rolled along that path for 3 complete oscillations..

*before lying flat on the floor

*and i mean FLAT

*i think when i fell down i made this funny AHH!! scream so i guess it attracts everyone around..

*so many of them came to check it out..

*and i was still on the floor..

*laughing (i wanna cover the malu-ness only).. hahaha

*now that's ROFLMAO hehe

*so my plan to go to the cafe.. i cancelled it and asked ejam to get it for me instead..

*and the results??

*swollen knee
*pain at the hip
*a whole new design for shirt (and colors too)

*last but not least..

*dunnoo what to say man.. its just so stupid!!

haha.. all my frens who were around me.. dunno what to say bout them la.. laugh till can't laugh already.. then only help me..

in the end that path haunts me.. traumatised already.. haha.. maybe i should give the path a name.. any ideas?? hahaha

thx for reading.. good for you.. boo to me.. haihz..



  1. lorh... naper smpai gitu skali.. ish ish ish...
    1st 1st aq bca cam lwk.. tp dah bwh bwh tuh dah tak lwk..kecian la plak.. jgn trauma tau.. ko dah lar kena lalu tmpat tuh hari hari... huhu

  2. awhh.. pity u leh fren.. u jz had a bad day..
    hope u recover soon ya.. =]

  3. Fuiseh! Talk about blow by blow coverage, dude! Detail gila describe your fall. XD Kesian you man, if it was me I would fake a faint and never get up. Maluuuuuu...
    Sakit lagi tak? Get better soon ya? (:

  4. Oh, and btw- don't kill yourself over something like this la. XD Lawl. It happens. That's what makes lil' pieces of life! Hahahahahaha...

  5. pity u la! hahahah
    still in pain? =P

  6. noticing something's gone from here hahha =)