Monday, August 10, 2009

a very adventurous but random 3 days

saturday.. damn swt.. 8 am went out with zharif,ejam,rizwan.. first up.. Low Yat plaza.. cool place.. lotsa gadget.. its like pc fair there everyday..haha.. done buying stuff there we walked to time square.. ate at mcD.. went to i dnno wat plaza and ended up at pavillion.. wahaha.. i love tat place.. honestly.. all the place i mentioned above.. never been there before..haha.. manaage to buy some clothes.. wah damn happy..hahah.. and we walked.. to.. well.. nowhere.. and practically.,. ended up like lost like tat.. and the taxis are being an arse... non of them are willing to stop and even if they do so they dun go to our destination.. but we;re lucky its kinda near to rizwan's house... so went there..

cut it short..

nothing much but everything tat happened is so random tat time..

*suddenly had a barbeque party

*his neighbour dumped a cat after moving to another place.. and his family has been taking care of it ever since.. it was pregnant.. that night itself.. it gave birth to 4 of them.. only saw two.. clean everything up and securedly put them in a cage..

*the other two we only notice bout it the next day.. it was left behind in the shoe rack.. one was...well..dead T.T... and the other one barely alive.. but the belly button rope (tali pusat) XDDDD is connected between the two.. so tied it up and jz cut it.. i feel like a medic student tat time.. cz wanna save tat other baby.. now tthe cat is ok already.. happy to see tat..haha..

lotsa experience.. but then we only arrived.. at 8pm sunday.. wth.. i have chem report, physics and computer science tutorials.. and i have not even touched any of them.. and damn.. i din sleep tat night.. as i was doing my physics.. around 3 am monday.. i suddenly remembered i got test going on later in class.. shitzz la.. was so tension.. class on 8.. argh.. work not done yet!! damn it... so i prayed hard.. god heard my prayers.. thank god.. i wanted to go and take my bath at 7.. took my towel.. and fell asleep..haha.. woke up at 8.. got to know 9-1 classes all are cancelled.. yay!! no physics test!!

i'm lazy wanna type actually..

the thing is..

moral of the story..

1) dun get lost
2) make sure u know where u are going
3) pavillion rocks
4) me too =)
5) luckily i bought clothes.. so i jz changed the next day..haha..
6) be prepared for anything
7) learn how to make a surgery
8) finish your work before going out..
9) anything happened, make sure u have credit..
10) so that when u cant finish your work, call your fren, borrow and copy..


current updates bout me..

*addicted to coke.. my halal alcohol
*going crazy
*but lonely
*managed to fulfill my new resolution.. waking up at 5 everyday.. unless i sleep after tat..haha
*still can't find the time to eat breakfast and lunch..
*strugglling with maths..
*more white hair
*puasa is coming.. kinda prepared seeing i only eat once a day tat is at night... haha.. lucky me!!

wat i still need to do..

*learn how to stay awake in lectures..
*revise all the subjects.. algebra,calculus,vector,chem 1 & 2, phy 1 & 2, computer science..
*save money.. i eat alot..
*clean my room..
*i mean my part of the room..
*my roomate would jz dirty back his side...haha..

aih.. lazy wanna write edi.. doin chem,.. bye.. good luck to me..