Thursday, August 6, 2009


very tensed up with to know dad's coming to kl.. he said he'll bring me out for dinner.. ask him whether i can bring my fren anot, he let.. went out with rizwan, ejam and sera.. i'm so glad to see him... i barely spent my time with him even though i went back for 4 days last week for mid sem break.. had dinner at a place called delicious at bangsar village.. kinda nice.. after dinner he fetch us back to UM.. haihz so fast.. i miss dad and my family.. wonder how are they doing?? 3 weeks to my first big exam.. argh.. good luck to me.. starting to hate maths.. loving physics and chemistry..

till then,


  1. AWW DON'T HATE MATHS, MATHS IS F.U.N.! not Physics ._.

  2. Awwwww,most guys don't admit they miss Dads n families like u... those who do r quite rare, i think. LOTS OF GOOD LUCK 2 u, Faris.

  3. Awesome read. (: Had lots of fun reading through your blogposts. Hahaha...

    Math is starting to get on my nerves too. But it's better than Vectors. With Vectors; I'm pretty much lost.

    Hang in there, Faris! We're all gonna make it through PASUM alive, ya? ;D