Thursday, August 27, 2009

second post of the day! (embarassing moment)

disclaimer : its just for fun.. dun la laugh too much.. its embarassing but i had a great laugh when that happened..

and so..

finished class at 11 today.. kinda relaxed.. no 3 hours of physics practical due to fasting month..

straight to the point la..

that evening.. made an appointment with ejam, pia, wan and her roomate to go to the bazaar.. i kinda enjoy going to these kind of places.. cuz its only in one particular month of the year where this will happen..

so 4.45 pm.. called all of them to confirm again cuz the sky look kinda dark.. but it seems that their perseverance to go is just to strong they still wanna go.. i also follow only la.. cuz the food in my college sucks.. haha.. no offence.. i just have to repeat it... sucks! ok ok enough..

walked from 12th college to the university station.. ejam's slippers was spoilt big time cuz he kicked something which i have no idea what it is.. stone la i dun expect things to go on really nice la man when u kicking some hard stuff with a 2 bucks slippers..haha..

so as we arrived there.. it happened.. yup.. that rain.. lol.. the rain was really weird man.. it was really heavy.. and the rain is falling at.. i dunno 60 degrees angle?? haha some people could fly i guess if they are small enough and their umbrella is big enough.. haha.. got really wet.. and i was wearing white!!! crap and that shirt.. is not that thick.. argh!! but we got no more time to eat on time for break fast if we dun get our food that time.. so we still buy our food..

practically.. all of us got seriously wet.. what to do.. so we went back to college by rapid kl bus..

anyways its not that i wore white shirt and i got wet was embarassing..

it was that moment... as i was on my way to the cafe to buy some drinks.. entered the college.. through the girls block, then before reaching the cafe.. there's this path where it was kinda sloppy.. it was my routine ; after class back to college, from atm machine, or whatever.. as long as i passed that path.. definitely i would slide myself there.. its fun.. hehe.. but being stupid (have to admit this time) it was so obvious the floor was freakishly slippery with all the sands brought in by the heavy rain.. i slided.. as usual.. to know that one second of sliding really changed my life..

i lost my balance...

*but din fall down..hahaha

*but then.. my food almost got spilled..

*trying to save the food, i lost my balance back..

*being unable to regain my balance..

*i fell on both my knees..

*embarassing enough..

*it seems that there's no friction between my left knee and the floor..

*so again..

*having no control of my left knee.. it slids inside and i fell towards my left side..

*and i thought that was the end

*that very moment..

*i was just halfway pass that path..

*and so i rolled along that path for 3 complete oscillations..

*before lying flat on the floor

*and i mean FLAT

*i think when i fell down i made this funny AHH!! scream so i guess it attracts everyone around..

*so many of them came to check it out..

*and i was still on the floor..

*laughing (i wanna cover the malu-ness only).. hahaha

*now that's ROFLMAO hehe

*so my plan to go to the cafe.. i cancelled it and asked ejam to get it for me instead..

*and the results??

*swollen knee
*pain at the hip
*a whole new design for shirt (and colors too)

*last but not least..

*dunnoo what to say man.. its just so stupid!!

haha.. all my frens who were around me.. dunno what to say bout them la.. laugh till can't laugh already.. then only help me..

in the end that path haunts me.. traumatised already.. haha.. maybe i should give the path a name.. any ideas?? hahaha

thx for reading.. good for you.. boo to me.. haihz..


what a week!

its been awhile since i've updated this bl0g.. lol

i was happy i get to go back home and celebrate first day of fasting with my family..
went back on friday by bus.. kinda sucky though those people there.. they had really bad management.. frankly speaking i'm quite pissed with the way they talking to me and some other passengers.. u think u're damn good? nvm la i forgive you.. i know that's the best job you deserve to do also... dun care la at least i'm home.. haha..

anyways holidays never seems to be long.. sunday morning i had to go back to UM already.. the reason why i had to go back early was i don't wanna rush things up to break fast later in the evening.. oh well.. enjoyed my fasting moment for now.. i get to know new people and get closer with the one i already met..

monday.. i dunno why this week seriously.. my body felt weak physically.. i'm not sick.. juz too tired.. not realizing that, i refrain myself from sleeping early as usual just for the sake of stuyding seeing the fact that my mid sem examinations is just a week away (1st september).. and so.. i had trouble sleeping and also waking up.. by the time i looked at my phone it was already 9.30 am.. dang! i noticed that i've been missing some lectures nowadays.. i just hate it..

tuesday.. argh how i hate tuesday.. i have to sit at that lecture hall for 4 hours straight.. wth.. ass also can get cramped.. managed to attend all the lectures.. but heck! i'm losing all my focus.. what's the point of coming to lecture but ended up sleeping in the end?? and i got to know i'm having my vector and comp science test the following day.. crap..

so i made a deep sharing session with my brain (actually i was sleeping) that night.. and only i realized what my problem is.. lol.. my sleeping hour is just too inadequate.. but i was really emo.. cuz at that very moment all that i seems to understand is fading away.. as if i never learnt anything throughout this 3 months of studying this course.. and then had a phone talk with dad.. i felt really wrong.. he was asking me whether everything's ok and i gave him a one word answer.. and how i regret telling him that.. i said "ok".. when i am actually not ok..

its like i am giving him false hope.. why am i lying to him?? and most importantly why am i lying to myself?? sigh.. whatever it is i got 2 hours of sleep and i went to ejam's room where i express all my feelings to him and rizwan.. felt better and he gave me some kind of therapy.. nothing much.. he just ask me to sleep again so that i will feel more calm.. an hour later woke up back and start studying.. glad he is willing to teach me for that upcoming test.. thx man..

see see we all din sleep at all and its already 4.30 am wednesday (today la) haha.. went down to get our food for sahur.. ate awhile and studied back before taking our bath and go to class.. i felt seriously fresh.. dunno why.. though i am not sure how well my studies are now (what i know is that i'm dropping pretty bad) but at least the heavy feelings i've been carrying is gone.. dead and gone.. yeah..

wth like essay already my blog.. i dun like this.. lets keep it short.. took my comp science and vector class.. came back with a satisfied heart.. oh yeah.. fingers crossed but i might just nick a full mark for it.. hehe good luck for me.. till then

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Memoir of a lover..

I tried to love you with all my heart.. I trusted you with all my life.. I just can't do it.. I just can't love you anymore.. I did my best and what do i get? You don't seems to be coming into my life.. It just hurts me too much seeing you being like this to me.. i don't know.. It seems that you're not meant for me same as how I'm not meant for you.. All this while I thought you are my one and only.. Oh Algebra.. Now i know.. you are just too complex and imaginary..


I've changed path and now I'm seeing vector.. Dear you are so beautiful.. Its just so easy to reach you cuz u have the shortest distance... But i hate it you always get the wrong direction and displacement.. Maybe.. just maybe a protractor could help you.. I don't know.. Now I'm thinking whether should i love you or not.. to know that its just too late.. i just got to know that you don't possess a "she".. everything seems to be clear now.. when people refer bout you.. they always say "he".. what are you?? i'm sorry.. i don't think this is going to work.. I'm scared.. I don't think we can live under the same coplanar..

I'm so emo.. I need to love someone..

Then i met.. Cal...culus.. only god knows how beautiful you are.. Oh you are just so perfect.. I thought you could be my wife.. You have so many functions.. I know that everyday, your love towards me increased without bound.. but there's no intersection between our functions. how can our love exist then?? Call me a liar.. I don't care.. I'm just being honest and most importantly being myself..

I told myself never to give up..

then.. i tried bonding with chemistry.. you are just so energetic, reactive and corrosive. I'm sorry to say i have a very bad impression towards you.. i don't think i can be with you.. you are just so... dangerous..


Why can't they all at least bring up my memories with my first love.. If only they could be like physics.. we were always together.. So sad i have to let you go.. If not i wouldn't have been like this now... Why did u have to die in that inelastic collision with that lorry? I tried to save you.. But i can't... what makes things worst is that i tried calculating the force and momentum with my casio fx-570 MS.. I just can't.. WHAT THE HELL IS MATH ERROR??!!! I did not meant to hurt you all ; ally,vecky,cally,chemy.. sorry.. but i don't love you all anymore.. no more.. Its just to hard handling you all.. Thanks for all the time we spent together.. I just want to forget that scary F=ma and p=mv incident.. goodbye..

budak asasi

just joking.. i was so tensed up with studies and eventually made this up during a boring lecture.. so this is it.. drop some comments ^^


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

a moment of silent please..

a moment of silent.. lets pray for the late ahmad faris. news reported that he tried running away but was held back by the tutor.. after a half an hour of struggling, he couldnt take the tembakan bertubi-tubi by physic test and eventually gave up in the fight.. after much of investigation.. one the cause of death is 'sakit hati sebab tak boleh jawab soalan' resulting in overstress... further investigations are still conducted to see whether its a crime or natural occurrence...

Monday, August 10, 2009

a very adventurous but random 3 days

saturday.. damn swt.. 8 am went out with zharif,ejam,rizwan.. first up.. Low Yat plaza.. cool place.. lotsa gadget.. its like pc fair there everyday..haha.. done buying stuff there we walked to time square.. ate at mcD.. went to i dnno wat plaza and ended up at pavillion.. wahaha.. i love tat place.. honestly.. all the place i mentioned above.. never been there before..haha.. manaage to buy some clothes.. wah damn happy..hahah.. and we walked.. to.. well.. nowhere.. and practically.,. ended up like lost like tat.. and the taxis are being an arse... non of them are willing to stop and even if they do so they dun go to our destination.. but we;re lucky its kinda near to rizwan's house... so went there..

cut it short..

nothing much but everything tat happened is so random tat time..

*suddenly had a barbeque party

*his neighbour dumped a cat after moving to another place.. and his family has been taking care of it ever since.. it was pregnant.. that night itself.. it gave birth to 4 of them.. only saw two.. clean everything up and securedly put them in a cage..

*the other two we only notice bout it the next day.. it was left behind in the shoe rack.. one was...well..dead T.T... and the other one barely alive.. but the belly button rope (tali pusat) XDDDD is connected between the two.. so tied it up and jz cut it.. i feel like a medic student tat time.. cz wanna save tat other baby.. now tthe cat is ok already.. happy to see tat..haha..

lotsa experience.. but then we only arrived.. at 8pm sunday.. wth.. i have chem report, physics and computer science tutorials.. and i have not even touched any of them.. and damn.. i din sleep tat night.. as i was doing my physics.. around 3 am monday.. i suddenly remembered i got test going on later in class.. shitzz la.. was so tension.. class on 8.. argh.. work not done yet!! damn it... so i prayed hard.. god heard my prayers.. thank god.. i wanted to go and take my bath at 7.. took my towel.. and fell asleep..haha.. woke up at 8.. got to know 9-1 classes all are cancelled.. yay!! no physics test!!

i'm lazy wanna type actually..

the thing is..

moral of the story..

1) dun get lost
2) make sure u know where u are going
3) pavillion rocks
4) me too =)
5) luckily i bought clothes.. so i jz changed the next day..haha..
6) be prepared for anything
7) learn how to make a surgery
8) finish your work before going out..
9) anything happened, make sure u have credit..
10) so that when u cant finish your work, call your fren, borrow and copy..


current updates bout me..

*addicted to coke.. my halal alcohol
*going crazy
*but lonely
*managed to fulfill my new resolution.. waking up at 5 everyday.. unless i sleep after tat..haha
*still can't find the time to eat breakfast and lunch..
*strugglling with maths..
*more white hair
*puasa is coming.. kinda prepared seeing i only eat once a day tat is at night... haha.. lucky me!!

wat i still need to do..

*learn how to stay awake in lectures..
*revise all the subjects.. algebra,calculus,vector,chem 1 & 2, phy 1 & 2, computer science..
*save money.. i eat alot..
*clean my room..
*i mean my part of the room..
*my roomate would jz dirty back his side...haha..

aih.. lazy wanna write edi.. doin chem,.. bye.. good luck to me..

Thursday, August 6, 2009


very tensed up with to know dad's coming to kl.. he said he'll bring me out for dinner.. ask him whether i can bring my fren anot, he let.. went out with rizwan, ejam and sera.. i'm so glad to see him... i barely spent my time with him even though i went back for 4 days last week for mid sem break.. had dinner at a place called delicious at bangsar village.. kinda nice.. after dinner he fetch us back to UM.. haihz so fast.. i miss dad and my family.. wonder how are they doing?? 3 weeks to my first big exam.. argh.. good luck to me.. starting to hate maths.. loving physics and chemistry..

till then,

Sunday, August 2, 2009

better watch out..

i find you being very irritating nowadays..
i also find that i get angry easily nowadays..
u are really getting on my nerves..
i tell you..
just watch out..
frankly i tell you now..
stop wat u are doing..


last day of holiday!! BOOO!!!

first thing first.. dun blame me for not putting photos.. cz i am very very very lazy to do so.. tats all.. back to updates..

damn 1 week is jz too fast... went back home for few days only.. most of the time.. well practically... non-stop driving.. dunno how to describe the holiday..some parts of it i do enjoy and some i don't..

of course the part tat i like was meeting my old frens.. get to hangout with them as well.. and when i came back to UM.. those peoples from sabah and sarawak, most of them did not go back to their respective homes.. they're a great bunch of groups to hangout with.. get to know lots of frens..

but i'm tired..stupid tutorials... class starting already.. i managed to finish all my assignments.. other than that.. nothing much.. i dunno why i dun feel good nowadays.. always had a bad feelings.. when i came back to UM last thursday... the moment my dad left after sending me.. i received a phone call.. your gramps (not the one tat met the accident..this is the other wan from my dad's side).. is very weak now.. admitted to the hospital.. i'm so worried.. dad said.. its ok.. haihz... nvm.. wat can i do..

anyways.. 3 am sunday now.. jz now had a small party for rizwan.. no cakes.. juz seriously nice.. made him wet.. spoilt his phone.. *sorry dude* best part.. was his birthday present.. it was dur.. not durian... well... erm... dur..ex..a box containing 3 of 'em..hahaha.. and we forced the girls to give him..haha all of us made card for him and this is wat we managed to write inside cz we got to know he's going out with his girlfriend tomoro..haha

me= not too hard, not too soft.. be FIRM!! but gentle..
wan,pia,yana,iman="good luck"
ijam= sensational!!
haziq= taste it, feel it, make sure u have a great pleasure!!
afiqrul= legions of dur..ex are hungry for more.. give in to temptation..
arif= "use" that "wisely"
saiful= Feel it!! Enjoy it!! and make it your bestfren!
zharif= you only have 3.. choose the right person!!
ibrahim= give me one!!!!!!

he looked happy.. haha.. good for him.. happy birthday again rizwan! if u happen to read this blog.. next year something better..wakaka..

aih tats all le.. will try update more later on... gotta focus now.. exactly 4 weeks to mid sem exam.. good luck to me and the rest..