Thursday, August 27, 2009

what a week!

its been awhile since i've updated this bl0g.. lol

i was happy i get to go back home and celebrate first day of fasting with my family..
went back on friday by bus.. kinda sucky though those people there.. they had really bad management.. frankly speaking i'm quite pissed with the way they talking to me and some other passengers.. u think u're damn good? nvm la i forgive you.. i know that's the best job you deserve to do also... dun care la at least i'm home.. haha..

anyways holidays never seems to be long.. sunday morning i had to go back to UM already.. the reason why i had to go back early was i don't wanna rush things up to break fast later in the evening.. oh well.. enjoyed my fasting moment for now.. i get to know new people and get closer with the one i already met..

monday.. i dunno why this week seriously.. my body felt weak physically.. i'm not sick.. juz too tired.. not realizing that, i refrain myself from sleeping early as usual just for the sake of stuyding seeing the fact that my mid sem examinations is just a week away (1st september).. and so.. i had trouble sleeping and also waking up.. by the time i looked at my phone it was already 9.30 am.. dang! i noticed that i've been missing some lectures nowadays.. i just hate it..

tuesday.. argh how i hate tuesday.. i have to sit at that lecture hall for 4 hours straight.. wth.. ass also can get cramped.. managed to attend all the lectures.. but heck! i'm losing all my focus.. what's the point of coming to lecture but ended up sleeping in the end?? and i got to know i'm having my vector and comp science test the following day.. crap..

so i made a deep sharing session with my brain (actually i was sleeping) that night.. and only i realized what my problem is.. lol.. my sleeping hour is just too inadequate.. but i was really emo.. cuz at that very moment all that i seems to understand is fading away.. as if i never learnt anything throughout this 3 months of studying this course.. and then had a phone talk with dad.. i felt really wrong.. he was asking me whether everything's ok and i gave him a one word answer.. and how i regret telling him that.. i said "ok".. when i am actually not ok..

its like i am giving him false hope.. why am i lying to him?? and most importantly why am i lying to myself?? sigh.. whatever it is i got 2 hours of sleep and i went to ejam's room where i express all my feelings to him and rizwan.. felt better and he gave me some kind of therapy.. nothing much.. he just ask me to sleep again so that i will feel more calm.. an hour later woke up back and start studying.. glad he is willing to teach me for that upcoming test.. thx man..

see see we all din sleep at all and its already 4.30 am wednesday (today la) haha.. went down to get our food for sahur.. ate awhile and studied back before taking our bath and go to class.. i felt seriously fresh.. dunno why.. though i am not sure how well my studies are now (what i know is that i'm dropping pretty bad) but at least the heavy feelings i've been carrying is gone.. dead and gone.. yeah..

wth like essay already my blog.. i dun like this.. lets keep it short.. took my comp science and vector class.. came back with a satisfied heart.. oh yeah.. fingers crossed but i might just nick a full mark for it.. hehe good luck for me.. till then

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