Saturday, August 15, 2009

Memoir of a lover..

I tried to love you with all my heart.. I trusted you with all my life.. I just can't do it.. I just can't love you anymore.. I did my best and what do i get? You don't seems to be coming into my life.. It just hurts me too much seeing you being like this to me.. i don't know.. It seems that you're not meant for me same as how I'm not meant for you.. All this while I thought you are my one and only.. Oh Algebra.. Now i know.. you are just too complex and imaginary..


I've changed path and now I'm seeing vector.. Dear you are so beautiful.. Its just so easy to reach you cuz u have the shortest distance... But i hate it you always get the wrong direction and displacement.. Maybe.. just maybe a protractor could help you.. I don't know.. Now I'm thinking whether should i love you or not.. to know that its just too late.. i just got to know that you don't possess a "she".. everything seems to be clear now.. when people refer bout you.. they always say "he".. what are you?? i'm sorry.. i don't think this is going to work.. I'm scared.. I don't think we can live under the same coplanar..

I'm so emo.. I need to love someone..

Then i met.. Cal...culus.. only god knows how beautiful you are.. Oh you are just so perfect.. I thought you could be my wife.. You have so many functions.. I know that everyday, your love towards me increased without bound.. but there's no intersection between our functions. how can our love exist then?? Call me a liar.. I don't care.. I'm just being honest and most importantly being myself..

I told myself never to give up..

then.. i tried bonding with chemistry.. you are just so energetic, reactive and corrosive. I'm sorry to say i have a very bad impression towards you.. i don't think i can be with you.. you are just so... dangerous..


Why can't they all at least bring up my memories with my first love.. If only they could be like physics.. we were always together.. So sad i have to let you go.. If not i wouldn't have been like this now... Why did u have to die in that inelastic collision with that lorry? I tried to save you.. But i can't... what makes things worst is that i tried calculating the force and momentum with my casio fx-570 MS.. I just can't.. WHAT THE HELL IS MATH ERROR??!!! I did not meant to hurt you all ; ally,vecky,cally,chemy.. sorry.. but i don't love you all anymore.. no more.. Its just to hard handling you all.. Thanks for all the time we spent together.. I just want to forget that scary F=ma and p=mv incident.. goodbye..

budak asasi

just joking.. i was so tensed up with studies and eventually made this up during a boring lecture.. so this is it.. drop some comments ^^



  1. faris, this so damn funny. ROTFLMAO! HAHAHAHAHA =DDDDD

  2. This has to be like; your best post YET! Haha, get your creative juices flowing dude! Looking forward to more laughs and more andom-ness from ya. Hahahahahah...


  3. *random-ness. Hahah, typos. XD

  4. haha.. nice lorh.. idea hebat giler...

  5. I'm gonna link this to my Facebook. I love this!

  6. i love bio! hahhaa~

    this is hillarious.

  7. I thought you slept during lectures

  8. are u for real? i mean...what r u? human or alien or...number? =P..haha..gosh, i cnt imagine. neither one. haha..btw, nice piece =) good work faris! no sleeping during lectures yaw. nope3 (^.^)