Sunday, July 26, 2009

2 months man!! jz for an update..geez...

ah.. at last.... an update.. life in UM sure is hectic.. everyday i'll be having class from 8am til 5 pm with a break at 1pm til 2pm.. the homeworks they gave sure is hell.. 2 months of not updating definitely there's been so many things to tell... i'll jz summarise wat happened..

came to UM with a broken heart..

first week.. orientation week..
got my ass kicked pretty directly by the seniors known as PP (pembantu pelajar).. i jz hate the way they shout to us juniors.. acting like damn bossy like tat.. looked damn fake though.. everytime they start scolding us.. wats on my mind was "hey when's this gonna end?" slowly they turned out to be better and more friendly towards us and glad tat happened.. i was really emo this week.. got to know my roomate isn't the type i would fancy.. smoker, bad personal hygiene, no sense of responsibility, and freakishly no self-discipline.. and first day itself.. got a phone call from dad.. grampa met an accident.. right knee to ankle broke.. ankle to toes crushed like a broken glass.. i'm so sad.. dad said its ok, be strong and jz focus on wat i have to do.. last day of orientation was fun..lasted til 5 am next day.. met new people.. good and bad.. some i start to hate also..

second and third week..
class started.. jz lectures without any tutorial classes and lab practicals.. so my time is still very loose here.. getting to adapt to the surrounding here, tried making new frens and all.. people here ain't tat bad.. but i hate the weather.. so hot.. hazy.. and HOT and HOTTER and HOTTEST.. dang.. nvm.. i start learning how to go to places like mid valley which is so near.. and klcc.. also managed to put some effort and went to a frens house, amin.. damn he's rich.. got two ferraris, a jaguar, an audi Q7 wth.. i'm impressed.. he's a malaysian fencer... anyways.. me and another 7 frens planned to cherish our very last moment before the fourth week starts.. cz tats when all the pressure will come.. so tat final weekend 8 of us went to celebrate at genting.. my god.. macam dah graduate.. anyways had fun.. but din stay there..
and so onto the;

4th,5th week
i forgot most of the things tat happened to know who's in my tutorial group..i was so damn pressured.. being new to the environment i cant catch up with studies.. lecturers are jz too fast.. glad i have tutorial classes to back up.. sleeping hour cut to 4 hours a day.. i dunno how others can be so happy and have time to hangout with frens.. while most of us got no time to finish tutorials.. weekends visit my aunt's family at gombak

6th week
all the same.. wednesday.. felt kinda sick.. vomit alot.. and almost fainted.. managed to enter all the classes.. next day.. felt worst.. was brought to hospital by the admin.. body temp was freaking high 40 degrees!!! and got all the H1N1 symptoms.. being a suspect, i was quarantined.. life's like hell tat time.. but then there's a very funny incident which i cant forget.. but make me kinda scared of nurse now..

nurse: lepas ni saya akan inject awak dengan vaccine tau
me: ok.
*nurse went out and came back and pull the langsir*
nurse: saya perlu tengok punggung awak.
me: HAAA?!!
nurse: saya nak inject vaccine.
me: *pointing at my arm* bukan kat sini ke??
nurse: tak. kat punggung. *straight pull my pants*(but couldnt cuz i was wearing my belt)
me: (WTF??!! omg omg omg omg)
and she said the most,paling, sangat,very scariest sentence ever i've ever heard
nurse: adik... tolong longgarkan tali pinggang adik..
me: T.T

*in the end i got vaccinated without any harm other than i hate needles alot..* enough said

they also took my blood sample and saliva to clarify my sickness.. thank god i'm negative.. its jz some viral fever.. din attend class for two days.. luckily saturdays and sundays no class.. so can rest properly..

7th week..
still abit sick but feeling waaaay better.. gladly.. but was so tension.. cz i couldnt understand a thing bout the lectures.. cz i missed previous ones.. emo..... its jz so tough... tried my best and slowly get the hang of it.. i love my tutorial group alot.. so one of a kind.. like a family.. the girls are being damn sporting and none of the guys is an ass.. but i don seem to be loving lectures at all (depending on who is the lecturer).. they always blame students cant cope up cz they sleep alot in class.. have they ever blamed the lecturer for being too boring til we sleep in class...zzzzz.. my most favourite would definitely be the practical lab.. cz we will be joining two other groups. so more ppl and we are allowed to talk so not tat sleepy la..

8th week..
all the same.. get to know tat in 2 weeks time is holiday.. looking forward.. tutorials are getting more and more.. sleeping hour cut to 2 hours..dammit.. i only eat once a day.. all the free time i had tat i could use to eat i use it to sleep.. seems so hard to get a decent sleep here.. wateverrr.. holiday is near.. tats wat matters..

9th week
holiday aura getting stronger.. managed to maintain my rhythm.. hope it stays.. some frens are showing power suddenly.. think they are so damn bloody good.. i'm fine.. jz hangout with some other frens.. cant say racist.. same race... statist... ya tats the word.. jz cz they are from the same state they treat each other better than others... like gay.. argh please.. dun feel like a loss though cz they are like so fake.. glad i loss them too.. waiting for the time they suddenly come back and say sorry.. got the feeling they will.. *evil laugh*..

now.. holiday jz started.. so i update la.. staying here.. well practically changed me alot..
some are good some are bad but i dun care.. jz being myself..

*i've learnt to appreciate time
*stoppped being a procrastinator
*learnt to accept people the way they are
*hard to forgive people though
*use alot of money on food

wat i hope i could be..

*can wake up early
*so can eat breakfast
*get to know as much people as possible
*often visit lecturers
*not sleeping during lectures
*etc etc

wat i managed to do
*bought a giordano shirt
*watched terminator
*blood the last vampire
*but not ice age T.T i wan!!
*learnt how to go to sungai wang
*went kayaking

now having a 1 week holiday.. its already 12.11 am monday.. will be back to UM on wed or thur cuz had an appointment with lecturers to back up wat i;ve left..

aih lazy la wanna type edi.. tats all for now.. lazy wanna put pict also.. drop comments please.. thx and bye bye and good nite and sweet dreams and rest well to me..

-peace out-