Thursday, May 21, 2009

Karaoke?!! swt..

last saturday went jj..met jia yee and a new fren yin yin..very nice fella.. had our lunch at some kopitiam hidden somewhere in the depth of the supermarket.. felt weird couldnt finish the food.. wth.. nvm la at least no more hungry.. then kah nyan pulak suddenly appear out of nowhere and joined us.. so after the lunch i followed the girls to dunno where.. see see all those like girl girl shop like tat.. decided not to go in.. waited outside.. nothing much happened la.. met some former classmates.. insult them as how we always do last time.. and eventually the girl finished their shopping (finally)..

After tat we all agreed go karaoke at kbox.. very happy to meet my long lost HOMIES brother, bernard keith fong who joined us tat guy never change.. especially tat.. you know wat.. call yourself 21 years old XD.. at first.. i dunno.. dun feel like singing also cz i was sick and having a sore throat.. but wth not like without the sore throat i would sound tat nice either..haha.

So went in and I felt really awkward.. first time la.. tat place looks really creepy.. so dark and all.. Then the girls went out to the toilet and bernard chose some westlife song.. cincai la sing only slow slow.. after awhile i felt like hey kinda nice la.. so semangat giler take the mic and sing edi.. not bad la i can show off sing kiss godbye and forever love XP.. when they start choosing those that i dunno.. i start taking photos le.. too bad my phone's camera doesnt work well under poor lighting.. but still can snap la..

sry for bad quality image..

Bernard the "oh yeah" fella

Yin the "totoyeah" fella

dunno wat to say.. human transformer???

Jia Yee not bad got voice of Beyonce xp

At last i'm in the photo..luckily the waiter came to help take the photo..

(i feel like Hugh Hefner XDDDDD)

should go karaoke more often now.. real fun! hehe.. many thanks to 4 of you and extra sikit to kah nyan for sending me home lastly not forgetting the author of the blog =)


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

An Update!! wow...

wth its been more than 2 weeks i blogged since the last post.. first week after tat post.. nothing much happened to be blogged bout.. 2nd week i start playin back this online game called maple story after 2 years stopped playing.. to my surprise the administrator gave me a bonus where i can gain triple exp points for every monster kill for a week!! this game is really known as the hardest game to lvl up.. i have a fren he like lvl 100++ he play like 8 hours like tat non stop he only get around 0.1-0.2 % exp like tat only so you know la how hard it is.. tat kinda explains why i've not updated my blog.. been busy lvling up while i still have the triple exp.. the fact tat some noob bought something for 3 million mesos(the currency in the game) tat supposedly priced ranging from 75k-200k doesn't make me wanna leave the game some more..
anyhow i'm currently a lvl 42 cleric now which is quite an achievement to
some screenshots here..

me going on to some city with a genie as my transport xp

fighting ghosts.. not scary also

me in monster carnival.. i lost this game cuz my opponent did some hacking.. pig betul!!

come la all join and play this game i can help you train.. can download the game client through this website and then sign up and play la.. i'm inside malaysia fornax server..
but if you all play singapore server i dun have a decent character there.. all taufu so can't help there ^^ drop by some comments.. if u have some harsh comments tat u might think would be helpful to me.. please and kindly.. keep it to yourself.. thank you

Monday, May 4, 2009

The Not So-Excellent Adventure of Faris and Kam wah

well.. second post for today..haha.. today was soooooooooooo cekap.. as mentioned in my earlier post, i came to school to meet up with kam wah and accompany him verify some documents for his matriculations.. things don turn up well at first because it was raining so both of us came late but nvm la.. so i waited outside at main gate for him.. suddenly sara came and we had a great talk..funny la she...she's the current deputy lady head prefect and kinda like ponteng duty tat time..haha so suddenly kam wah came and straight away made a confession.... not tat kind of confession but he said this "wei actually i'm not the one gonna verify all my documents. my dad gonna do for me. i juz came to lepak" haha.. i dun really care cuz our plan memang wanna lepak wat..

we wonder around the school and since the weather is so cold.. we went to toilet cuz can't resist it edi.. not bad la wei.. back then when i'm still studying there... the doors inside were vandalised and like got holes here and there at the doors.. today i check OMFG check this pict out

can u imagine? u can't even see a hole cuz there's not even a door there!!! haha.. wonder how la ppl wanna do business in private.. lol.. i told kam wah since this is most likely gonna be our last meeting til very long.. y dun we make some stupid video and take picture all? he said sure.. so many things on my mind edi..

so we're bored of school edi we went mamak in front to get our breakfast.. were crapping as usual and read newspaper then talk bout football (MU suck!!) then around 9 came back to school for no reason.. so tat time we plan la wats our next plan.. we wanted to go JJ.. but then no transport.. as mentioned by sara earlier.. we can take bus at the main bus station at medan kidd and juz get a bus to go there.. if wanna go to the station also we have to walk la...

i told kam wah.. wei no need walk there la... y dun we juz walk from school and straight to JJ? he was like wtf u damn shit la wei.. i said come on la wei.. this is like once in a lifetime experience.. when some more gonna do this la..haha in the end he agreed and so we did..

i recorded the whole journey and it was seriously fun man.. i mean we pass through the same place as ppl would usually use to go jj.. but at least i learnt alot la today cuz if you are in a car you wont be able to see and observe wats around you properly.. so its like there's alot of weird things we saw today.. the video is juz too long and many editing needs to be done.. so i'll juz capture some frames and put it here as preview and when the editing is ready, it will be published in my later posts.. u might find some of this photo are very interesting.. try finding it if you can! enjoy..

this is where we start

we happen to see this and tat is kam wah's middle finger

Bank Maulalat

Cher Hong this is your best fren

lets say you wanna skip school, juz get one of these..drink and you'll get demam

-.-" wat does tat mean?
there's still more but y spoil rite? =p anyhow we passed through alot of places today..there are so many unnecessary holes there.. it seems kam wah injured his knee by a fall caused by this so-called holes.. as for me it was much worst.. my shoe and pants so damn dirty cuz in one of this holes and its wet..haihz.. i broke one of my toenail also..crap..dunno how tat happened also.. and the traffic wasnt tat safe either..we almost got hit few times cuz of reckless drivers.. couldnt remember much but it was really tiring.. there's one part where we almost reaching edi.. see see my phone pulak no battery..wat to do..mamak tat time also kam wah used alot to online edi.. then the whole journey i was like using it to record.. so its kind of a waste we couldn't record our very glorious moments..haha..

anyhow we're glad to reach jj in one piece.. we straight away cari water and then we went mcd get some ice cream cone.. went to nokia the one near food court punya stairs tat wan to charge my phone.. after finished our ice-cream we went to the rooftop and do more stupid stuff
kam wah missing his mom I WANNA JUMP!!!!!

then we cari pasal with the new jj parking system which we gotta pay edi now.. its free for the 1st hour but then u still gotta go to the auto pay station and like check out your ticket like tat..SO ANNOYING.. which lead us to do something like this..

dunno wat i'm doing.. juz feel like punching it..hahaha..

juz now it was kam wah's. this one's did it..intentionally upload it..

then we played at the escalator.. MUST SEEEEE!!!

me jumping to every 2 steps of the escalator

kam wah scared so he jumped 1 by 1 only..hehe i win

alrite alrite.. then we went mcd.. dun blame us for doing all the things above.. we were waiting for the time to be 12 o'clock.. so at least its cheap at mcd..can get mcvalue lunch..hehe.. so me and kam wah went and have our lunch there..

oh my god damn hungry!!!! he eats like a hamster..

checking my shoes.. this the results of falling caused by the the unnecesary holes.haihz.......
then we lepak awhile.. met with saidy.. lepak at mcd back cuz he's having his lunch there..
after awhile saidy chowed.. and soon its my turn to go pulak.. so thx kam wah for the memorable things tat happened today.. no chance to do lik tis edi anymore also..hehe..
journey to jj took us a hell of 1 and a half hour!! but seriously its worth it.. alrite.. its really hard preparing this post.. plz be reminded to watch the video there.. where me and kam wah played at the escalator.. so hope this post entertains you you and you....
**in memory of alexander leo morris a.k.a watermelon head** (he's juz not around in ipoh k dun think too much)
thx for reading!! til then~

Finally [part 2]

well today i went to check on the net to know when's my intake to UM.. so i'll be going off on 25th May..tats fast man.. definitely will be very busy for now cuz many things haven't buy yet.. so lets leave tat to tat.. eh Kam Wah.. bad news for you but good news for me.. in my place they allow us to wear casual la wei.. unlike you hu can't even wear jeans and those craps.. i'm glad la actually they din tell any dress code so can wear anything.. haha... got two more post to write for now.. dun wanna mix it up in one post.. today many things happened so see ya on next post!! lol..

Saturday, May 2, 2009

BAD DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DAMN!! today balik kampung my mom's side cuz all her siblings going too..before going we stopped by at a salon nearby cuz my mom wanna make her hair.. since i got nothing better to do.. i went there too to get a haircut done.. my plan was to trim it a bit and make it neat.. initially my fringe has reached my lips edi which is kinda long+annoyin.. i told the fella to cut it a bit but i still wan it to look long.. so this fella.. cut cut cut.. i think she has been cutting too much edi.. so i told her i dun wan u to cut edi.. this fella being a b**** said "i know wat i'm doing" and continue cutting.. i was like wei wtf?! i cut it short here.. and so the result was.. i dunno..haihz.. i guess if i go smi i still can escape the prefect's hair spotcheck.. tonight we all were having bbq.. i din join them at all instead start looking at the mirror and tried to repair it.. but to no avail of course.. so for now i damn emo...some more this monday i'm going to school to accompany kam wah verify his documents for his matriculations later.. gonna wear a cap.. be warned.. those who see me dun try to pull the cap.. this is sensitive issue.. i might do something to you.. ARGH!! miss my old hair..

p/s not gonna post any photo..thx for reading though

Friday, May 1, 2009


After a very long wait, finally i got to know my UPU results.. i've been in a dilemma where to go cuz i've got matrix gopeng as well.. so today i went to mohe website they said i got an offer to study at UM (Universiti Malaya).. I'm kinda happy actually cuz its one of the top university in Malaysia.. i'll be doing foundations on physical science and since its one of my best subject i guess i'd be glad to pursue in it.. but then they haven't tell when is the intake.. i'll only know when is the intake on 4th of may.. i guess it on june.. at least i can stay at home longer unlike matrix which i have to go on 11th of may.. hope i can survive there ^^ fingers crossed..whatever it is thx for those who congratulate me although i dun really feel anything.. juz ok ok only.. haha.. i'll update when is my intake on [FINALLY!!!!!!! part 2]

P/s to those who wanna check your status u can surf mohe website at

-peace out-