Thursday, May 21, 2009

Karaoke?!! swt..

last saturday went jj..met jia yee and a new fren yin yin..very nice fella.. had our lunch at some kopitiam hidden somewhere in the depth of the supermarket.. felt weird couldnt finish the food.. wth.. nvm la at least no more hungry.. then kah nyan pulak suddenly appear out of nowhere and joined us.. so after the lunch i followed the girls to dunno where.. see see all those like girl girl shop like tat.. decided not to go in.. waited outside.. nothing much happened la.. met some former classmates.. insult them as how we always do last time.. and eventually the girl finished their shopping (finally)..

After tat we all agreed go karaoke at kbox.. very happy to meet my long lost HOMIES brother, bernard keith fong who joined us tat guy never change.. especially tat.. you know wat.. call yourself 21 years old XD.. at first.. i dunno.. dun feel like singing also cz i was sick and having a sore throat.. but wth not like without the sore throat i would sound tat nice either..haha.

So went in and I felt really awkward.. first time la.. tat place looks really creepy.. so dark and all.. Then the girls went out to the toilet and bernard chose some westlife song.. cincai la sing only slow slow.. after awhile i felt like hey kinda nice la.. so semangat giler take the mic and sing edi.. not bad la i can show off sing kiss godbye and forever love XP.. when they start choosing those that i dunno.. i start taking photos le.. too bad my phone's camera doesnt work well under poor lighting.. but still can snap la..

sry for bad quality image..

Bernard the "oh yeah" fella

Yin the "totoyeah" fella

dunno wat to say.. human transformer???

Jia Yee not bad got voice of Beyonce xp

At last i'm in the photo..luckily the waiter came to help take the photo..

(i feel like Hugh Hefner XDDDDD)

should go karaoke more often now.. real fun! hehe.. many thanks to 4 of you and extra sikit to kah nyan for sending me home lastly not forgetting the author of the blog =)


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