Saturday, May 2, 2009

BAD DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DAMN!! today balik kampung my mom's side cuz all her siblings going too..before going we stopped by at a salon nearby cuz my mom wanna make her hair.. since i got nothing better to do.. i went there too to get a haircut done.. my plan was to trim it a bit and make it neat.. initially my fringe has reached my lips edi which is kinda long+annoyin.. i told the fella to cut it a bit but i still wan it to look long.. so this fella.. cut cut cut.. i think she has been cutting too much edi.. so i told her i dun wan u to cut edi.. this fella being a b**** said "i know wat i'm doing" and continue cutting.. i was like wei wtf?! i cut it short here.. and so the result was.. i dunno..haihz.. i guess if i go smi i still can escape the prefect's hair spotcheck.. tonight we all were having bbq.. i din join them at all instead start looking at the mirror and tried to repair it.. but to no avail of course.. so for now i damn emo...some more this monday i'm going to school to accompany kam wah verify his documents for his matriculations later.. gonna wear a cap.. be warned.. those who see me dun try to pull the cap.. this is sensitive issue.. i might do something to you.. ARGH!! miss my old hair..

p/s not gonna post any photo..thx for reading though