Wednesday, May 20, 2009

An Update!! wow...

wth its been more than 2 weeks i blogged since the last post.. first week after tat post.. nothing much happened to be blogged bout.. 2nd week i start playin back this online game called maple story after 2 years stopped playing.. to my surprise the administrator gave me a bonus where i can gain triple exp points for every monster kill for a week!! this game is really known as the hardest game to lvl up.. i have a fren he like lvl 100++ he play like 8 hours like tat non stop he only get around 0.1-0.2 % exp like tat only so you know la how hard it is.. tat kinda explains why i've not updated my blog.. been busy lvling up while i still have the triple exp.. the fact tat some noob bought something for 3 million mesos(the currency in the game) tat supposedly priced ranging from 75k-200k doesn't make me wanna leave the game some more..
anyhow i'm currently a lvl 42 cleric now which is quite an achievement to
some screenshots here..

me going on to some city with a genie as my transport xp

fighting ghosts.. not scary also

me in monster carnival.. i lost this game cuz my opponent did some hacking.. pig betul!!

come la all join and play this game i can help you train.. can download the game client through this website and then sign up and play la.. i'm inside malaysia fornax server..
but if you all play singapore server i dun have a decent character there.. all taufu so can't help there ^^ drop by some comments.. if u have some harsh comments tat u might think would be helpful to me.. please and kindly.. keep it to yourself.. thank you

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