Friday, May 1, 2009


After a very long wait, finally i got to know my UPU results.. i've been in a dilemma where to go cuz i've got matrix gopeng as well.. so today i went to mohe website they said i got an offer to study at UM (Universiti Malaya).. I'm kinda happy actually cuz its one of the top university in Malaysia.. i'll be doing foundations on physical science and since its one of my best subject i guess i'd be glad to pursue in it.. but then they haven't tell when is the intake.. i'll only know when is the intake on 4th of may.. i guess it on june.. at least i can stay at home longer unlike matrix which i have to go on 11th of may.. hope i can survive there ^^ fingers crossed..whatever it is thx for those who congratulate me although i dun really feel anything.. juz ok ok only.. haha.. i'll update when is my intake on [FINALLY!!!!!!! part 2]

P/s to those who wanna check your status u can surf mohe website at

-peace out-

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