Wednesday, August 12, 2009

a moment of silent please..

a moment of silent.. lets pray for the late ahmad faris. news reported that he tried running away but was held back by the tutor.. after a half an hour of struggling, he couldnt take the tembakan bertubi-tubi by physic test and eventually gave up in the fight.. after much of investigation.. one the cause of death is 'sakit hati sebab tak boleh jawab soalan' resulting in overstress... further investigations are still conducted to see whether its a crime or natural occurrence...


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  2. Kaki melangkah pntas kearah meja study... Punat 'on' laptop berjenama Asus ditekan pantas menggunakan jari tulunjuk...

    Nak on9 facebook.. Tgk blog Faris.. pastu nak mandi...

    Cursor dilarikan ke internet explorer... klik klik.. mouse ditekan... google search engine terpapar diskrin laptop.. cursor dibawa ke bahagian web address.. address di taip pntas...


    and the rest is history...

  3. Stupid... writing own obituary,

  4. Attach a picture of yourself and its perfect.

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  6. never give up so to claim your victory if you give up now?it's never too late to catch up right