Sunday, August 2, 2009

last day of holiday!! BOOO!!!

first thing first.. dun blame me for not putting photos.. cz i am very very very lazy to do so.. tats all.. back to updates..

damn 1 week is jz too fast... went back home for few days only.. most of the time.. well practically... non-stop driving.. dunno how to describe the holiday..some parts of it i do enjoy and some i don't..

of course the part tat i like was meeting my old frens.. get to hangout with them as well.. and when i came back to UM.. those peoples from sabah and sarawak, most of them did not go back to their respective homes.. they're a great bunch of groups to hangout with.. get to know lots of frens..

but i'm tired..stupid tutorials... class starting already.. i managed to finish all my assignments.. other than that.. nothing much.. i dunno why i dun feel good nowadays.. always had a bad feelings.. when i came back to UM last thursday... the moment my dad left after sending me.. i received a phone call.. your gramps (not the one tat met the accident..this is the other wan from my dad's side).. is very weak now.. admitted to the hospital.. i'm so worried.. dad said.. its ok.. haihz... nvm.. wat can i do..

anyways.. 3 am sunday now.. jz now had a small party for rizwan.. no cakes.. juz seriously nice.. made him wet.. spoilt his phone.. *sorry dude* best part.. was his birthday present.. it was dur.. not durian... well... erm... dur..ex..a box containing 3 of 'em..hahaha.. and we forced the girls to give him..haha all of us made card for him and this is wat we managed to write inside cz we got to know he's going out with his girlfriend tomoro..haha

me= not too hard, not too soft.. be FIRM!! but gentle..
wan,pia,yana,iman="good luck"
ijam= sensational!!
haziq= taste it, feel it, make sure u have a great pleasure!!
afiqrul= legions of dur..ex are hungry for more.. give in to temptation..
arif= "use" that "wisely"
saiful= Feel it!! Enjoy it!! and make it your bestfren!
zharif= you only have 3.. choose the right person!!
ibrahim= give me one!!!!!!

he looked happy.. haha.. good for him.. happy birthday again rizwan! if u happen to read this blog.. next year something better..wakaka..

aih tats all le.. will try update more later on... gotta focus now.. exactly 4 weeks to mid sem exam.. good luck to me and the rest..


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