Friday, September 4, 2009

Exam's over.. does it??

Its been almost a week since independent day has passed..

and now.. only all the foundation students of UM otherwise known as the Asasians get to celebrate their merdeka.. so.. MERDEKA!!!

so here's what happened..

1st september

chemistry 1 and computer science..

one word.. HARD!! my theory is really weak.. not for computer science though.. managed to do it kinda smoothly.. fingers crossed..

next up 2nd september

english, physics 1 and calculus..

EASY!! english only.. haha.. physics.. again.. killed me.. you know they say physics is all about logic.. but none of them are making sense to me!
calculus.. i saw ray of light.. not tat good not tat bad.. but satisfaction level..

3rd september

Chem 2 and vector

chem is simple.. but vector is so damn bloody wth! i dun even understand wth they are trying to ask.. speak english la vector.. haha..

lastly 4th september

physics2 and algebra

physics was another simple paper.. hope i did well.. well for algebra.. the worst thing tat i heard when i ask ppl around was not enuf time.. well i guess it was much more worst for me then... i couldnt answer it.. totally blank.. blank blank blank.. the thing is.. i cant answer most of the question and got bored of 'em.. eventually i slept halfway.. and had to tembak most of them when i woke up cuz its almost time.. tats the most F up paper ever.. as mentioned in my FB post.. "i'm raped by algebra upside down"

well lets leave tat to tat shall we..


it seems that many of you are forgetting what you all are supposed to be fighting for here.. you all seems to be enjoying yourself just too much.. i'm not talking bout you all going out rite after exam.. tats fine.. but even before exams you all are under too much of a freedom and did not control yourself.. and then start complaining that papers were hard etc etc..

you all wan 4 flat? DO IT THE 4 FLAT WAY!

mid sem.. clear
final sem.. in one and a half month time..
time is runing out..



  1. finally ur making sense! i'm proud for u my friend haha

  2. I guess you've found your vector on your way to 4.0 flat! (:

    Truskan usaha, bro! Jangan flat in the process. Hahahaha...