Wednesday, September 23, 2009

accepting is everything..

not a very good holiday..
been really moody..


meaningless holiday..

thx for those who kept me company..

i really appreciate it..

what do you people know about raya?

what is the true meaning behind it?

it's definitely not just about saying sorry

not just bout collecting duit raya..

not just bout getting to eat lots of nice food..

so what is it then?

recently i have an aunt.. she's young.. barely even reach her late 30's..

having to struggle with lung cancer..

lost in the fight and has returned back to her Creator just a week before raya..

leaving behind her childrens.. (who lost their dad way earlier before)

the eldest being 6 years old..

youngest being just 7 months old..

and so..

i decided and got to see and stayed with them during the raya..

i'm touched by how they could smile and laugh and being happy during the raya season..

call them small kids..

but don't they have feelings too?

is it not that the absence of a mother is sufficient and would bring about great despair to their children especially during an auspicious day like this??

when all preparations are done..

i definitely know the childrens are pretty much aware of where they are standing..

they asked me questions like, "abang, ibu adik raya kat mana? dia tak balik pun.. mesti dia tengah best raya kan? kalau dia happy, bagus la.."

that kid really shut my mouth..

it made me think..

no matter how bad your condition is..

always remember..

they are those who face worst..

I am not here to brag about my problems..

it doesn't really matter anymore that my raya is not as complete as how it used to be..

but this is just to get you all back to your senses..

don't overly do it..

you all might have all the fun in this world seeing its a one week holiday

so what?

like i've said..

you say sorry for all the mistakes..

so what??

you still gonna make mistakes towards that person you seek forgiveness to..

this might not be my best raya..

but those kids taught me the true meaning of raya..

as mentioned in my header above


this is DEFINITELY my most meaningful raya..

learn to accept..

no matter what it is..

I am not ashamed of myself crying over this..

hoped it touched others too..

learn from it..



  1. Sob sob.. sure is a touching story.. hope the kids is having a great raya wif u by their side.. sob sob..

  2. why oh why do i feel the same way too

    my raya wasnt fun -___-