Thursday, April 30, 2009


Geez... at last i have my very own blog now.. personally i think its kinda late to start blogging cuz all the cekap things to blog also pass edi.. but cincai la.. thx to kam wah for forcing me to create one.. he also angry edi cuz i'm supposed to make my first post like few days back cuz i've been busy helping my mom doing income tax which is so the damn bloody hard to enter even the homepage.. anyhow finished the thing this morning at 4.30 like tat(at last!!) now very free anyway whoever you are enjoy the blog.. if you dun, go complain to your mom and see wat can she do bout it k.. thx for reading..


  1. well, a good beginning here.. u got to do it, man..NICE blog.make it the best !

  2. LOL...take accountancy.. you will suffer more..hahhaa