Wednesday, November 11, 2009

something i forgot..

30th oct, as we all know.. 'twas the last day of my final exam for semester one in my foundation programme.. it was also destined to be my birthday too..

luckily during this holiday there are still some wishes coming in so at least i remembered bout my plan to write a post bout it now.. i mean i forgot to give a proper thanks to those who actually wished me..

first and foremost.. overall.. its just like any other normal day cuz didn't even celebrate it as usual..oh well..everybody seems busy.. what to do.. but i do appreciate all the wishes (be it a late wish or not) i got although its not that still touches my heart..

my deepest thanks to the following (not in order..trying to remember now..huhu) :

my family (that includes some uncles and aunties together with cousins)


wan nur syazana

sera qez






Pn. Tan (my former primary math teacher)

grace yong



christine lee

sara lee

teo hilyan


this is all i could think of.. hmmmm.. seriously i think i missed out 2 or 3 names.. i'm really sorry if i missed out any of you who wished me.. cuz i can't think la who wished some more.. if u know you wished me, and i didn't put your name up there.. thanks alot.. and sorry again

well.. no celebration, no present, but still the wishes made it meaningful to me..seriously.. a big thanks and love you all =)

till next year then,


  1. ooo interesting haha i some very nice names...... hahahahhaha ur soooo gonna get soaked next week!

  2. Actually, I rmb yr b'day before the real date. But then after coming back for holidays i totally forgot bout it.. Anyway, happy b'day...

  3. Hahah! I rememebered your birthday was somewhere at the end of October but I couldn't remember the exact date! Sedar2 dah November daaa... :D

    Hahaha, anyhow- Happy very, very, very belated birthday bro. (: