Sunday, October 4, 2009

great weekend..

For the first time.. can be considered weird..
i wanna get my ass out of UM..
usually i love the weekends staying there..
cuz it is so peaceful and quiet..

Aaaanywayss.. i felt very tension being there suddenly.. so i just thought i just need some time alone.. real alone and i ran away from there.. to where??lets leave that to that....

So right after the friday prayers, i (in stealth mode) started my journey..

i felt like a vagabond.. a wanderer..

i like the feeling.. i roam to a world of nowhere; where no one is around me.. to be on my side....

i'm like a free man with a simple rule ; do what i want..

so what did i use all my money for? food, clothes, guitar accesories, lodging, food, FOOD, FOOD..

well.. no point talking so much here although i'm still not back to UM yet.. its already 7 pm sunday.. got class tomoro..

dunno whether its wrong anot, but i left my tutorials undone til now.. only chem, vector raya is the only one i've done..

for the rest of em.. its not only left undone..

left in UM some more..

somehow i have no regrets..

at least i feel better.. maybe i should try running away again when i'm tension or pissed with anything..

on the contrary, i'm having my MUET speaking test this wednesday on the 7th october. at 7.30 am??!!! so early man..but still,.. wish me luck.. i could really use that band 6..

my tutor said band 6 = victoria station.. yummmy yummy...

i have no idea who is going to be in my speaking group.. i really pray i'lll get someone good..

and to those taking MUET too, i wish you all the best and just do it.. don't waste your chance..


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  1. same time and date with me! hah Good luck to you man! =)